Unleash yourself..

“Unleash yourself, In the wilderness. Chase a butterfly. Care less.” -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star) Advertisements

He saved me from the cold..

“He saved me from the cold From the depths of the ocean Lit a wildfire in my soul Cast my sorrows away in remotion.” -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)

I’ve come a long way..

I’ve come a long way To a field of blood play From a far off promised land To either kill or rot in sand

A War in her head.

“A war in her head With a tiny pop of heart The broken and dead self said Its worth giving another shot.” -Don’t give up. Fall in love all over again. -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)

“You did it my man.”

A grieving heart And a broken spine But they say there’s hope You’ll have to seek ‘n find How do I seek? With this arm splintered The car crash took all away For I am forever injured These paintings on my wall My first serene love Cried until nightfall This hand is but a lifeless…

He stared into the horizon

“He stared into the horizon Me, the reflection of it in his eyes Following the rays of dawn He turned to me, looked frown I found my sun, my forever But he said there’s no tomorrow together. I thought ‘I love you’ was meant till the end Little did I know, my dreams were to…

Drunk in Music

She had her headphones on, roving across the streets A second after her favorite lyrics, she got drunk in it. With that rhythm in her feet, Hands breaking each beat, She was so hellava high,  world had to pause. Pause to look at a human stoned with music. -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)

Precious tears

“Sweetheart. Don’t you waste your precious tears on a closed chapter. Save your pearls for a celebration. Not a funeral.” -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)

She chased a warm light for long

“She chased a warm light for long Until her legs could take no more, About to collapse on the ground when a force grabbed her from behind. And found herself walking ahead, being in his strong arms Looking up to a sharp jaw line and illusionary brown eyes, She wished for it to last a…

A monstrous blow.

“As I stand alone in this pitch darkness Only able to feel this presence of air around me Thinking of the time I held my soul light so elegantly, And how I took it for granted to be forever there, Is now miles away.. or maybe a monstrous blow burnt it out.” -Tasneem.Y (Like a…

Isolation. The enemy.

“Isolation was the true enemy. She ran miles, Yet it lingered like a shadow. Until one day A fairy tale occurred When he pursed his lips against hers She knew.. The isolation had surrendered.” -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)

A face more than just familiar..

“A face more than just familiar. Chained since our first hellos! Intimate laughs Constant beams and twinkles Lasting echoes of abuses How strange it is to fall in love with friendship.” -Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)