Best friends forever?

“Don’t talk to me like that!” I yelled my lungs out.
“Like what?!!” He screamed back.
“Those mushy talks of yours. Stop it. I’m not your girlfriend!!”
I could see a drop of sweat rolling down his cheek. Or was it really sweat?

I later learnt, his flesh ripped by the edge of my sharp cruel words.

A story of me and my best friend.
I don’t normally think about people in the shower. I’m selfish that way. But today my head was contained with his thoughts. How continually insolent i had been to him. Its not that i realized it too late. Guilt was always there. From the very beginning, even before uttering all those harsh words.
Today, something had come up, and i couldn’t imagine not sharing it to my best friend. But why do i have to think twice before giving him a buzz? He is my bestie after all. There’s not suppose to be any awkward walls between us. But recently i did create one. And he is abiding by it. I finally took the courage to drop him a text.

I love my best friend. But he is in deep love with me. I wish he dint. I wish things were different. I wish we’d go back to how we used to be.
All i can do is wish the impossible.
A thing happens when somebody who loves you too much, starts avoiding you. I dint want to come in terms with the fact that i miss him. But the truth is i did.

More than ever.

-Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)


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  1. I had went through a similar situation with my bestfrnd.
    But then she did something really amazing to make it up to me
    We are good now.
    I guess you should do something special for him as well.
    Good Luck !

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