Her eyes opened to a beautiful sunrise

Her eyes opened to a beautiful sunrise and they were strangely found laughing, playing, relishing. For they both knew what disaster awaits followed by sobs, heart breaks, deep pain waiting to engulf them by dawn. All they had was a little time in hand, to create the sweetest memories of their lives.

It was time to leave, her swelled up eyes still weren’t ready to give in. She kept tearing up. Her instincts told her that this was her last hug but her heart wanted a different more favorable story. She kept looking at him. His moist brown eyes. She saw pain. Love. Guilt. She wanted some more time to register that moment, his presence, his fragrance, his touch, his love, him..
She gave out a loud cry just thinking about it.

Her tears never wiped, nor dried, kept flowing.

Her eyes opened the next morning only to witness the damage occurred within. All they could see were her tears, not the fact that she was numb inside out, only breathing, yearning to go back in time, to those beautiful moments where they had no idea what magic they were casting together. Divine memories.

Sometimes, the deepest scars are caused by the curse of the most euphoric memories.

To the person who is witnessing the same.
Whose slip cost him a relationship. Stay strong.
Don’t let regret overpower you.
Much love.

-Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)


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