“You did it my man.”

A grieving heart
And a broken spine
But they say there’s hope
You’ll have to seek ‘n find

How do I seek?
With this arm splintered
The car crash took all away
For I am forever injured

These paintings on my wall
My first serene love
Cried until nightfall
This hand is but a lifeless glove.

He held the brush
And guided my crippled hand
“Easy my girl, don’t rush”
And there came my strength, my man.

I tried and tried
His faith kept me on
“Love, just glide
For it is only dawn.”

On tracks of a paper
Soon my hands ran
“See my brush dance.
You did it my man.”

-Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)


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  1. Navasurya says:

    Hey.. Bro.. Thanks for following me.. I too liked your blog a lot… Thanks ya..


    1. Pleasure.. and Thank you. πŸ™‚


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