I’ve come a long way..

I’ve come a long way
To a field of blood play
From a far off promised land
To either kill or rot in sand

Awaits my home
My lil sunflower and honeycomb
To hear her soothing baby voice
I’ll survive, along side my boys.

While I was dining the other day
A lil girl came up to me. She had a lot to say
In the end she gave out a feeble cry
‘Serving the nation my daddy died’

I clutched her hand tight
‘Baby girl, Everything will be alright.
He served the nation as much as he could’
She nodded and proudly stood.

The day of battle was near
My hands trembling with fear
‘I love my family, I’ll do my best.’
Shed a tear as i wore my vest.

It finally came to an end,
All i could see was blood and sand.
So many brave soldiers died.
And my fellow mates wept and cried.

I stare at my body lying motionless.
My mates carried me away in a mess.
I was cleaned and combed fine
For a ceremony, I dead lie.

The day people came dressed in black

My eyes hunting forth and back
Alas! I see my little girl again, so beautiful
Walking down the aisle of my funeral.

Tasneem.Y (Like a Shooting Star)


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